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If you are looking for tutors in Cardiff you have come to the right company. We are the only local company in Cardiff, run by Cardiff based educators for the people of Cardiff. We are not a franchise, or national company. Call us and get through to a familiar voice. Our tutors in Cardiff will give you confidence and the grades you want!

Why use uTutor Education?

For just shy of three years we have changed the way tutoring is done. By focusing on what really matters, which is increasing confidence in our tutees we have been able to find success for our tutors in Cardiff by providing tutoring that matters.

By recruiting tutors in Cardiff that want to tutor we have a team that is able to deliver. Our team of tutors in Cardiff are always on hand. To date we have provided thousands of hours in the Cardiff and South Wales region. Our home tutor activities allow for an effective one to one setting on what tutees thrive.

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Our Services

Home Tutoring

Home Tutoring
Our Home Tutoring is the most popular by far. This tutoring can really get results. On average 2-3 lessons a week can see a massive boost in understanding.

Primary Tutoring

Primary Tutoring
Primary School Tutoring is a great way to give your child that extra needed knowledge in their subjects. Remember that one teacher teaches all subjects at primary.

Year 7 - Year 9

Year 7 - Year 9
During these years of school it is vital to give your child the right path in education and show them that knowledge is key to getting the grades they want when they leave.

YEAR 10 - YEAR11

YEAR 10 - YEAR11
These are the years that count. Everything they have prepared for come to this final moment. A tutor can really help your child walk into the exam with confidence.
Reputation is everything and our work is quality.
We would just like to say Thank-you, without this theme our company would still look as bland as ever! Now were super Unique.

Maths Tutors

Maths seems to be the most popular subject for children to be tutored in and we have seen that here at uTutor Education as well. With that in mind we have, over time recruited a good list of maths tutors that are available to tutor. Get ahead in Maths tutoring and get maths tutors in Cardiff from uTutor Education.


English Tutors

English tutors are a readily available source here at uTutor Education. With it being the second most popular subject at our company we make sure that our English tutors are all equipped to take on the role of an English tutor at uTutor. We can cater for a wide age range of English tutors and all our tutors in Cardiff have great credentials.




The number one Tutors in Cardiff

& Many More Subjects

With a range of science tutors, business tutors, history tutors and many more we have it covered when it comes to tutoring in Cardiff. Our tutors in Cardiff are most likely to come and visit your home and tutor from there. By following the national curriculum your child will be learning relevant material.


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